Connections NL 2022 will be held on Monday 28th November 2022 in the Trip van Zoutland barracks of the Netherlands Defence Academy in the city of Breda.


In the morning there will be several keynote speakers, after lunch followed by a number of wargaming tracks in which participants can experience different forms of war- and serious gaming. We conclude the day by a recap and drinks.

The whole program will be in English.


Program (pending):


10:00 - start

10:30 - Sebastian J. Bae - wargame designer, former Marine -  Georgetown University

11:00 - Stefan Nommensen - Hoofd Werving & Selectie Koninklijke Marine

11:30 - keynote 3

12:00 - lunch

13:00 - wargaming tracks:

- NavTrain -training & wargaming

- Bello Ludi - professional use of WW2 miniatures

- HHS - students and wargaming

- NATO CCOE unit & Finnish researchers - cooperative wargaming & desinfmation


16:00 - wrap up

16:30 drinks


 More information will follow. If you have any questions or want to add to the program, please contact Bas Kreuger.

Registration - Want to attent Connections NL 2022? Send an email to the organisation at or contact us through the contact page.

The fee for Connections NL 2022 is 10 euro, payable cash or by QR code at the reception desk in Breda on the day itself.


NB: As the Trip van Zoudtlandt barracks is a Dutch MoD location, all participants need to have

  • a Dutch Defence ID or
  • provide the following details:
    • name as in passport,
    • date of birth and birthplace,
    • living address,
    • type of car + licence plate,
    • ID type and ID number (as shown on driving licence or passport).

Without this information no admittance is possible.


Trip van Zoudtlandtkazerne

De la Reijweg 95, 4818 BA Breda - the Netherlands

Gebouw R - Maczekzaal


Security information - As this is a Royal Dutch Army location, we need the following of every participant:

  • Name as on passport or ID
  • Date of birth a place
  • Current adress
  • ID type (ie passport or drivers licence) plus number
  • Model of car and registration