Fall 2021 Connections NL was held on Monday 29 November at the Dutch MoD location at the Brasserskade 227a in the Hague ("Jan Linzel Complex").


After a short introduction by our nestor, Hans Steensma, the ca 40 attendees split up in groups for two game-storm sessions, playing both games in development (Einherjar), just out of a Kickstarter campaign (Orange - Dutch resistance WW2), a TNO hybrid game on crisis control, a classic miniature tabletop wargame (Bello Ludi) with interesting twists, student project by Jason and a game on the situation in Belarus.

Everyone could join one of these games and see different ideas and formats in action.


In the closing speeches, the Dutch chapter of the UK Fight Club was announced and there were some thoughts on the applicability of gaming in the modern, hybrid situation of cyber, fake news and kinetic warfare.


Many new Connections were made and we are looking forward to the Connections NL 2022 edition in the fall of 2022.

Overview of games at Connections Netherlands 2021

Einherjar: a hybrid and asymmetrical game  of a Viking quest for plunder & immortality under devolpment by Diederik Stolk and Reinier Hattink. This (war)game is a broadly accessible game in which you fight both in this world and in the world beyond, Valhalla. Einherjar is a game in which elements of hybrid and asymmetrical warfare can be experienced in an unconventional setting. Stolk and Hattink have developed several wargames for the MoD and other institutions. This will be their first commercial wargame and is planned for 2022.

GCAM 2.0 (the Go4it Comprehensive Approach Model) is a simulation based wargame aiming at raising awareness and creating a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the so called Comprehensive Approach (CA). The setting of this game is that of a failed state where an UN intervention takes place after massive conflict that requires a CA to stabilize the situation. That is, the civil and military actors need to collaborate effectively, taking into account their respective strengths, mandates and roles.
GCAM is the simulation based successor of the board game Go4it, developed by TNO, NLR and T-Xchange. More here: https://paxsims.wordpress.com/2018/03/03/gcam2-0-comprehensive-approach-simulation/

My Majority: Belarus 20 portrays the event of uprising against President Lukashenko. In this game, you will decide where to send your followers trying to secure a majority in 6 locations. 
This is a 2-player, 30-minutes game based on dice placement, majority of locations and bonus cards. 
Check your strategy, and your choices. Don't forget about your opponent. Belarus is waiting for your leadership.

Natalia Woitowicz is the author of the book Wargaming Experiences: Soldiers, Scientists and Civilians


Dutch Resistance: Orange Shall Overcome! is a cooperative pick-up and deliver game for 1-5 players that plays in 60-90 minutes made by Marcel Köhler. In this game players assume the roles of real members of the Dutch Resistance during the final years of WWII. It is a scenario-based game, with each scenario focused on one of the activities that the resistance did during the occupation. In each game you choose a particular scenario and difficulty level, with its own goals and special rules. These goals might include expanding a network, keeping people safe, or moving important items around.


 While playing the game, you need to make sure your alibi is good, the morale stays high and you keep every place safe, so no raids will happen. This is not easy, as the occupiers that control many roads are moving around to try and find out who the resistance members are.

BelloLudi (Peter van Dop) is the designer of his (for the Netherlands) unique ‘decision game’. This game is developed to train participants in taking collective decisions in a competitive environment. Also to learn to live with the consequences of your decisions.  A serious game in which intellect, intuition and fantasy will be tested.