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CONNECTIONS NL will be English spoken for our international participants

Wargaming & conflict simulation

Over de strategische voordelen van (business) wargaming & crisis simulaties voor leiders, bestuurders, docenten en onderzoekers

Connections legt verbindingen voor de inzet van wargaming als tool voor betekenisvolle besluitvorming

Wargaming leidt tot beter inzicht, sneller  beslissen en doeltreffender handelen in complexe, dynamische en onzekere situaties. 

Connections NL stimuleert en faciliteert de toepassing van wargaming (conflict & crisis simulaties) in brede kring. Hiertoe organiseren we jaarlijks een seminar van geïnteresseerden in en beoefenaars van wargaming in de breedste zin van het woord.In de seminars komen geven keynote speakers de actuele stand van wargaming weer, zijn er demonstraties van diverse games en is er veel ruimte voor discussie en het leggen van connections.
In 2014 vond dit seminar plaats op Fort Werk IV Bussum, in 2015 op Fort Vechten, in 2016 op Fort Altena. Ook in 2017 zullen we het seminar op een fort organiseren.

Strategy gaming


In a globalized world with its fast technologic development there may just be subtle differences between a strategy that leads to mediocre performance or to success, be it in security or in business. A good strategy leads the way to picking the right battlefield and outsmarting the competition.


In security, we have lost a lot of our western technological superior military edge even to non-state actors. Those smartly use consumer and internet technology to influence and to undermine us and to attack the fabric of our society. In business, we have to compete on a truly global battlefield. Our competition is smart, we can win only if smarter.


Strategy gaming is of particular value when the competitive environment is undergoing a process of change, as it allows decision makers to consider proactively how different players can react to the change, and to each other. Strategy gaming is adverserial - role playing and the benefits of this are notable in that such adverserial gaming leads to most robust strategies. For example, in trying to predict how a strategy will turn out, the extensive body of by research Kesten Green showed that role play based strategy gaming leads to a far better forecast of a future course of events than if predicted by experts.


Dr Anja van der Hulst - TNO Soesterberg




"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting"

Sun Tzu

„Kein Plan überlebt die erste Feind berührung!“

Helmuth von Moltke