In de Leeswijzer zijn een aantal belangrijke boeken over wargaming, zowel militair-historisch als business en eductieve wargaming, opgenomen. In de beschrijving staan categorieën waarmee de lezer meer gericht kan zien wat inhoud van boek is, het niveau van het werk en of het een meer theoretische of praktische verhandeling betreft.

Art of Wargaming -   Dr. Peter Perla

Dit boek biedt de meest uitgebreide en coherente beschrijving van wargaming ooit geschreven. Het is zeer toegankelijk voor iedereen die kennis wil maken met nut en meerwaarde van wargaming. 


Basis – Militair – Praktijk Ervaring

Wargaming for Leaders -   Mark Herman, Mark Frost, Robert Kurz

Dit boek beschrijft wargame ervaringen in management taal. Vanuit management perspectief wordt vertelt over nu en resultaat die met wargaming zijn behaald.

Het laat zien dat je met wargaming de collectieve wijsheid rondom een onderwerp zichtbaar en toegankelijk maakt.



Basis – Militair – Management


Gaming: the future's language - Richard Duke

Richard D. Duke, an American Professor and author of the book “Gaming: The Future`s Language” developed an an early model of game design. He states that “the prime purpose of gaming/simulation is to establish dialogue to increase communication among a group about a topic which is complex, future-oriented, of a systems nature, and which requires a vocabulary or vernacular which is not commonly shared by the group at the outset of the discussion.”


Ervaren - educatief - theorie



Wargames, a history of wars on paper - Philip von Hilgers

In this book, Philipp von Hilgers examines the theory and practice of war games through history, from the medieval game boards, captured on parchment, to the paper map exercises of the Third Reich. Von Hilgers considers how and why war games came to exist: why mathematical and military thinkers created simulations of one of the most unpredictable human activities on earth.


 Ervaren – Militair – Educatief – Theorie


Business wargames - Benjamin Gilad

In a global, complex, and competitive world, developing a plan without testing it against market reaction is like walking blind into a minefield. War gaming is a metal detector for a company. Yet war games run by the large consulting firms are kept secret and cost millions. For the first time, this book makes them accessible to every product and brand manager, every project leader, every marketing professional, and every planner, no matter how small or large the company.


Basis – Bedrijfsleven – Praktijk Ervaring


Business wargaming, securing corporate value - Oriesek & Schwarz

Industry consolidation, mergers, changes to business models, the emergence of new threats all require managers to understand highly complex situations, assess risk and opportunity and make informed decisions. How can senior managers do this effectively when so often they are wrestling with brand new scenarios? One of the emerging solutions is business wargaming. Daniel F. Oriesek and Jan Oliver Schwarz provide the first comprehensive look at wargaming as a business tool in a book that explores the anatomy and success factors of a typical wargame.


Basis – Bedrijfsleven – Management - Theorie